Firstly on behalf of the Association of Zoo & Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), we would like to thank you for considering participating at an upcoming AZEVN Event via a Poster Presentation.

To ensure that you have everything that you need at this stage, please take a look through the following information which should help you understand further what will be involved with your Poster Presentation.

AZEVN reserves the right to use the posters for future publications in any way they feel appropriate.

All AZEVN Posters need to be A2 and printed in full colour.

Please do not laminate your AZEVN Poster.

All AZEVN Posters must be brought to the specified AZEVN Event by the Presenter.

There is no preferred content and all AZEVN Posters do not have to be Primary Research.

The AZEVN Poster must be presented in specified breaks at the AZEVN Event by the Presenter.

AZEVN Poster Application Deadline:-  Thursday 31st March 2022
Please ensure that your AZEVN Poster Application is submitted via the AZEVN Event Speakers Page

AZEVN Poster Upload Deadline:-  Friday 22nd April 2022
Please ensure that an electronic copy of your AZEVN Poster is submitted via the AZEVN Presentation/Poster Upload Link
Upload Your AZEVN Poster