For the 2019 AZEVN Conference at Applewood Hall, near Banham Zoo on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June 2019, the AZEVN Committee were delighted to be able to announce the continuation of the AZEVN Golden Ticket Scheme and that thanks to our wonderful sponsors, 6 AZEVN Members were able to attend for free.

This was only possible due to the support of our 6 fantastic AZEVN Golden Ticket Sponsors and on behalf of the entire AZEVN, we would like thank these sponsors below for their ongoing support to help AZEVN continue to grow and provide for the evolving needs and requirements of our members.

What does an AZEVN Conference Golden Ticket mean..?

The winners of the AZEVN Conference Golden Tickets received a free and guaranteed place* at the 2019 AZEVN Conference.

This covered everything provided under the delegate fee, but did not include any costs incurred for accommodation or travel to the 2019 AZEVN Conference.

* The AZEVN Conference Golden Ticket is only valid for the 2019 AZEVN Conference and cannot be transferred to another AZEVN Member for use.

What was asked of our 2019 AZEVN Conference Golden Ticket Winners..?

The winners of the 2019 AZEVN Conference Golden Tickets had two tasks asked of them:-

  • During the conference, a photo to be taken with the sponsor of your Golden Ticket to be used for future promotional purposes by the AZEVN.
  • After the conference, we would like you to put together a short “trip-advisor” style review of the 2019 AZEVN Conference for the AZEVN to be used to help promote future AZEVN events.

Our 2019 AZEVN Golden Ticket Winners are..

Ace Veterinary Supplies Ltd
2019 Winner

Lucy Till

Danetre Health Products
2019 Winner

Laura Clarke

DMS Medical Supplies
2019 Winner

Kirsty Crouch

2019 Winner

Beth Scott

2019 Winner

Diane Westwood

Vetronic Services Ltd
2019 Winner

Kelly Robinson

Want to see who our 2018 AZEVN Golden Tickets Winners were..?

In 2018, 4 AZEVN Golden Ticket Winners attended our Conference at West Midlands Safari Park for free..!!

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