Vetronic Services Ltd

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Vetronic Services Ltd design, manufacture and sell ventilators and patient monitoring equipment for the veterinary market.

The company was started in 1994 by Keith Simpson, a practising vet and electronics engineer. All the products are designed and manufactured in the UK and have been designed with ease of use, reliability and optimum performance in mind.

There are currently three ventilators manufactured covering a range of patient weights from a few grams to over 1000kg, so we have a ventilator to suit whatever patient range you are dealing with. We also have a range of monitors suitable for all patients from mice to elephants with a flexible approach to module choice.

This means you can buy our Lightning monitor with simply an ECG and Capnograph module fitted, or you could choose to buy the monitor with all of the available modules fitted. Modules can be fitted at any time with no price penalty so upgrading at a later date couldn’t be easier.

We have other monitors for different environments or locations. Our Impact-III for example is a robust hand-held Pulse-Ox and Capnograph designed for field or prep-room work.

As well as producing the products, Vetronic Services has a web site with a wealth of information on the science behind the products, so here you will find articles on capnography, pulse-oximetry and methods of ventilation.

In many instances there are videos associated with the products to show how to use them to their best advantage. Our web site is intended as a resource for information on monitoring and ventilation as well as a site for product sales.

Vetronic Services is proud to be a supporter of the AZEVN.