The AZEVN is dedicated to facilitating excellence through education for Zoo & Exotic Veterinary Nurses in the UK and through our collaborations with other organisations within the AZEVN Sector, the AZEVN aims to provide a wide variety of resources and opportunities for AZEVN members to prioritise animal health and welfare whilst continuing their professional development.

Please take a look below at our AZEVN Collaborators and click on their logos/links to find out more..


Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians (AZVT)
Based in the United States of America

Dedicated to all aspects of quality veterinary technical care in the field of zoo animal medicine, the AZVT was formed when a group of 13 Zoo Veterinary Technicians and Medical Technologists met to discuss the need for a forum of continuing education in their highly specialised field. The AZVT began with 29 members in 1981 and has grown to almost 400 members from around the world.

Wildlife Vets International (WVI)
Based in the United Kingdom

Wildlife Vets International (WVI) is a British charity which has been providing critical veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects since 2004 and through their world-class veterinary team, WVI works at the cutting edge of wildlife medicine, providing an essential part of the conservation puzzle.  The AZEVN is proud to have supported WVI since 2013 and raised a total of over £2,600 for their fantastic projects.