Our Current AZEVN Volunteers are..

Georgie Bardsley
RVN ISFM certFN & APVN(Reptiles, Avian & Small Mammals)

Charlotte Busuttil

Victoria Stearman

“I applied to be an AZEVN Volunteer because I wanted to be apart of something unique, to help support other VN’s and network with like minded professionals in the hopes of improving animal welfare. I have loved my time as an AZEVN Volunteer and encourage others to apply for this amazing opportunity.”

Kelly Deane FdSc RVN – 2018-19 AZVEN Volunteer

“Creating a knowledge rich environment, supported and surrounded by other like-minded individuals, is vital to our continual professional development as Veterinary Nurses. The AZEVN work tirelessly to provide this to all Veterinary Professionals, ensuring our patients receive the very best care possible. Whilst volunteering for AZEVN, I have been inspired by the passion, dedication and knowledge of the committee. Not only do they support the veterinary nursing community, but they also help other veterinary and wildlife organisations. I feel very proud to be a part of something so special.”

Joanna Noble RVN – 2019-20 & 2020-21 AZVEN Volunteer

The continued success and growth of the AZEVN is due to the significant contribution that our members and volunteers make to help ensure that we can keep closely aligned with our core values and help to facilitate the exchange of information and networking between RVN’s to help promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary nursing within Zoo & Exotic Institutions.

What do AZEVN Volunteers do?
Jointly create the annual AZEVN Newsletter to be distributed to all members.
Present a 10-minute case study at the annual AZEVN Conference.
Assist AZEVN Officers at AZEVN Events to ensure a smooth operation.
Provide support throughout the year to the AZEVN Committee when required.

What skills/abilities do AZEVN Volunteers need..?
To be a current member of the AZEVN and have attended at least 1 AZEVN Conference.
To be working with a case-load that includes zoo or exotic species to be able to present on a topic that will provide a benefit / learning opportunity for AZEVN Members
To have competence in using the Microsoft Office Suite (especially Word & Publisher) and any experience using design software will help to ensure the production of the AZEVN Newsletter is to a professional standard.
To have a “can-do” attitude and work ethic to be able to operate as part of the AZEVN team and have a positive influence on the reputation of the AZEVN within the wider context of the Zoo & Exotic operation.
To be comfortable and competent in using Facebook to help the AZEVN continue to grow and interact with members.

How many AZEVN Volunteer positions are there and how long do they last for?
There are a minimum of two volunteers positions available and these will run for a period of 12 months between AZEVN Conferences.