Our Current AZEVN Volunteers are..

Jess Bell
RVN C&G Cert VNES AP (Zoo)

Joanna Noble

“I applied to be an AZEVN Volunteer because I wanted to be apart of something unique, to help support other VN’s and network with like minded professionals in the hopes of improving animal welfare. I have loved my time as an AZEVN Volunteer and encourage others to apply for this amazing opportunity.”

Kelly Deane FdSc RVN – 2018-19 AZVEN Volunteer

The continued success and growth of the AZEVN is due to the significant contribution that our members and volunteers make to help ensure that we can keep closely aligned with our core values and help to facilitate the exchange of information and networking between RVN’s to help promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary nursing within Zoo & Exotic Institutions.

What do AZEVN Volunteers do?
Jointly create the annual AZEVN Newsletter to be distributed to all members.
Present a 10-minute case study at the annual AZEVN Conference.
Assist AZEVN Officers at AZEVN Events to ensure a smooth operation.
Provide support throughout the year to the AZEVN Committee when required.

What skills/abilities do AZEVN Volunteers need..?
To be a current member of the AZEVN and have attended at least 1 AZEVN Conference.
To be working with a case-load that includes zoo or exotic species to be able to present on a topic that will provide a benefit / learning opportunity for AZEVN Members
To have competence in using the Microsoft Office Suite (especially Word & Publisher) and any experience using design software will help to ensure the production of the AZEVN Newsletter is to a professional standard.
To have a “can-do” attitude and work ethic to be able to operate as part of the AZEVN team and have a positive influence on the reputation of the AZEVN within the wider context of the Zoo & Exotic operation.
To be comfortable and competent in using Facebook to help the AZEVN continue to grow and interact with members.

How many AZEVN Volunteer positions are there and how long do they last for?
There are a minimum of two volunteers positions available and these will run for a period of 12 months between AZEVN Conferences.


I am passionate about my job and inpatient care and have recently started some out of hours shift to get more emergency medicine experience.
I’d like to branch into surgery and also start doing more presentations and articles. I currently work in a practice that has a huge exotics caseload and am studying the zoo module of the girling and Fraser program.

Why do you want to become an AZEVN Volunteer?
I would like to get more involved in the vet nursing world, helping out and teaching others. I’m heavily involved in our practice social media presence and believe I could help out the AZEVN with this if needed. I think I could put my knowledge to good use and help SVN and RVN nurses who are looking learn more about the exotics side.
This year will be my 3rd conference and 2nd time presenting a case. My first presentation ever was at last year’s conference and although terrifying I really enjoyed it and it’s spurred me to do more, including a webinar for vets now staff.

What do you want to achieve during your time in the role..?
Encouraging more nurses to expand their knowledge into exotics as they become a more popular choose of pets for people.

I am an exotic veterinary nurse working in a first opinion and referral practice in Birmingham. I have always had a passion for exotics and was chosen to be a volunteer member last year for the AZEVN, which I have enjoyed a great deal.

Why do you want to become an AZEVN Volunteer?
I was lucky enough to be chosen to be an AZEVN volunteer last year and hope to be able to be one again this year, I have enjoyed the role a great deal and would love to be involved in the organisation for a second year.

What do you want to achieve during your time in the role..?
Fun! Education and networking for other VN’s, I have spoken at last years AZEVN and plan to again this year, I enjoy contributing to an organisation which makes a difference to VN’s interested and working in the field of exotics.

I have always been interested in animals since I was a young child and that has only increased as I have aged. I have been in veterinary practice now for 10 years and have been qualified for almost 4 of those. I have always had a passion for exotic and zoo animals but this really took off at university where I discovered the lack of literature available compared to other species. I based my dissertation on this fact and researched pain in exotics. Once I qualified I signed up to do the exotic certificate and now I lead, along with a vet, Exotic care within the hospital. Exotics are my passion and I believe that they deserve as much care as any other species we encounter, and difficulty in treating them should not be a limiting factor.

Why do you want to become an AZEVN Volunteer..?
I would like to further care for exotics and I feel that I can achieve this by becoming an AZEVN volunteer. I would also like to learn more and again feel this is the way to do it. Similarly I would also like to give something back to what I feel is a great organisation that has helped me with my exotic certificate and if I can help others along the way then it would be a win-win.

What do you want to achieve during your time in the role..?
I would like to highlight the lack of research available and perhaps inspire others to conduct research of their own or to write case studies of their own, further helping the exotic veterinary industry.

I qualified in 2018 after two years at college and I have always been fascinated with wildlife, exotic and zoo animals.  Before my nursing career began, I spent 5 years volunteering in a various Zoological collections, learning as much as I could, about as many amazing species as possible.  When the opportunity to nurse presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity.But now I am exposed to this fabulous world of Veterinary Nursing AND Exotic species combined. And there is nothing more interesting or full of possibility to me.

Why do you want to become an AZEVN Volunteer..?
Having been in the position of wanting to learn more about how the exotic nursing world works (and that’s how I found AZEVN), I would love to be a part of an organisation that provides that knowledge to those seeking to provide the best care for our special patients.  Being an organisation completely run by volunteers, who have their own jobs and other responsibilities, I would really like to help as much as I can because this is such a wonderful cause.

What do you want to achieve during your time in the role..?
I would love to be able to contribute to the continuing education and development of RVNs and myself, by working with AZEVN to help provide affordable and varied CPD that it is so well known for. The Annual AZEVN conference is such a valuable opportunity for all VNs to learn something new, that they can apply to their own workplace. Without AZEVN creating the space for all these amazing speakers to come forward, it would be very difficult to seek similar CPD alone.  I would love to be a part of this by helping out at the conference or speaking. Creating a knowledge rich environment, where we can all learn from each others experiences in the Exotic nursing sector, is vital to our development as nurses. It also ensures our patients are getting the very best care, I would love to be a part of that.